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亚新体育app官网:中超16强动态:曝加纳国脚将加盟上港 国足补招吴兴涵
发布时间:2021-10-09 01:12:01

This season’s AFC East Asian competition is expected to be held in Doha, and the start time will be postponed from November 15 to November 18.


According to the South Korean media "NAVER", the national security defender Jin Minya is still expected to stay abroad in Europe in January next year. At present, Tottenham, Lazio, PSV, Porto and other European teams are still paying attention to him. In an interview, former Guoan coach Schmidt recalled his coaching and life in China. He hopes that all Guoan players can come to the Netherlands to play.

据韩国媒体“ ​​NAVER”报道,国家安全捍卫者金敏雅仍有望在明年1月留在欧洲。目前,热刺,拉齐奥,埃因霍温,波尔图和其他欧洲球队仍在关注他。国安前教练施密特在一次采访中回顾了他在中国的教练经历和生活。他希望所有国安球员都能来荷兰踢球。

According to "Ghana Football Net" news: Ossu's closest team is Shanghai SIPG. The media even claimed that “Samuel Osou will succeed Shanghai SIPG’s forward Hulk this winter.” As for the Ghanaian media’s revelations, is it credible? Up to now, SIPG Club has not made any statement.

据亚新体育app官网“加纳足球网”消息:奥苏最接近的球队是上海SIPG。媒体甚至声称“塞缪尔·奥苏(Samuel Osou)将于今年冬天接替上海SIPG的前锋绿巨人”。至于加纳媒体的启示,是否可信?截至目前,SIPG俱乐部尚未发表任何声明。

According to ESPN, the Brazilian team Vasco da Gama is interested in Jiangsu Suning’s foreign aid Teixeira, who played for Vasco da Gama from 2008 to 2010.

根据ESPN的报道,巴西队Vasco da Gama对江苏苏宁的外援Teixeira感兴趣,后者在2008年至2010年期间为Vasco da Gama效力。

As Wuhan Zall Club member Liu Yun withdrew from the national team training due to injury, the national team coaching staff decided to recruit Wu Xinghan from Shandong Luneng Taishan Club to participate in this training session. After communicating with the club, Wu Xinghan will arrive at the national team training camp tomorrow (October 4) morning.​​​​


The Côte d’Ivoire Football Association announced the latest national team roster, and Evra, who played for the Chinese Super League team Wuhan Zall, was selected for the first time. As we all know, after FIFA voted to pass the "Naturalization New Deal", Evra was considered a potential naturalization target for the national football team. However, since this national team game is not an international A-level event, it will not affect its naturalization for the time being.


In order to prepare for the relegation battle, Tianjin TEDA ended its holiday on October 2, and the team has begun training and work. In the next few days, TEDA will warm up in Jinan and Shandong Luneng. Forward Jonathan's contract will expire at the end of the year, and it is not clear whether it will be renewed.


On October 2nd, Henan Jianye player Ivo celebrated his 34th birthday, and the team officials also sent a message to send blessings.


Recently, the Venezuelan Football Association announced the latest 32-man national team squad. The forward Longdong who played in the Chinese Super League Dalian was famous on the list. The latest news shows that Dalian people have the right not to release Longdong, because FIFA has issued regulations that if players need to be isolated for more than 5 days when entering the country, their club can not release players to participate in national team games.


Chongqing Contemporary Lifan Club officially released videos of Caldek, Fernandinho and Marcinho’s holiday training sessions.


According to the arrangement within the China Fortune Land Development Team, Xie Feng's guidance also gave the players a few more days of vacation. The team is expected to gather at the base on the evening of October 6, officially start training on the 7th, and head to the Suzhou division on the 11th.


Guangzhou R&F Club officially released a video showing Tosic eating mooncakes with foreign aid such as Memishevich, Vukovic, Anautovich, and experiencing Chinese culture. In the UEFA Europa League qualifying game in the early morning of October 2, Israel international Zahavi, who has just transferred from Guangzhou R&F to PSV, scored his first goal. In a post-match interview, he bluntly stated that he was the happiest in the world. people.


The Ecuadorian double stars Bolaños and Martinez, who just joined the Chinese Super League Shanghai Shenhua team, will not return to the Ecuadorian national team to participate in the team’s two World Cup qualifiers with Argentina and Uruguay. The two have already practiced at the Cambridge base. . The Shenhua club agreed to continue to play for the Italian team in the European League in October and November, and to loan to the European team to maintain the status. During the loan period, Shenhua no longer bears the player's salary. Previously, including Juventus, Bologna and old club Roma are interested in loaning Salavi, but so far, he has not yet determined which team he will join.

刚刚加入中国超级联赛上海申花队的厄瓜多尔双星博拉尼奥斯和马丁内斯将不会回到厄瓜多尔国家队参加阿根廷和乌拉圭的两届世界杯预选赛。两者已经在剑桥基地实习过。 。神华俱乐部同意在10月和11月继续为意大利队效力,并借给欧洲队以维持这一地位。在贷款期内,申花不再承担球员的工资。此前,包括尤文图斯,博洛尼亚和旧俱乐部罗马在内都对借用萨拉亚新体育app官网维(Salavi)感兴趣,但到目前为止,他尚未确定他将加入哪支球队。

On the afternoon of October 2, Cleo set off from Qingdao Liuting International Airport to return to his native Brazil. The fans from Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang went to the airport to bid farewell to the team’s outstanding foreign aid, and sent him the most sincere blessings and best wishes!


Based on the team’s deployment and planning, Shijiazhuang Yongchang Football Club supplemented the lineup again. After friendly negotiations with Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club and reached an agreement with the players, Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei joined the Yongchang family on loan.


Pei Shuai's wife posted a set of photos on social media. In the photos, the three of them were enjoying themselves together, taking photos in scenic spots and hotels. The scene of Pei Shuai holding his son on the sofa is full of paternal love. However, the wife complained: The children almost didn't know their father after the game was closed for two months. The husband and son are working hard!


No one commented, but quiet


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